What Do Villas at Animal Kingdom Lodge Look Like?

Spent a weekend with giraffes!

Have you ever wondered what a villa looks like at the Animal Kingdom Lodge?

We recently spent a weekend at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Giraffes, Zebras and a multitude of other african animals roamed free right outside our balcony. Who else but Disney could offer such a magical place? We drifted off to dreamland each night with the splendor of these majestic creatures right outside our window. What a beautiful adventure.

Of course a Disney lodge would have a perfectly paired Disney moment as a focal feature in the suite.

This 5th floor villa was nicely equipped. I could stay for a while that’s for sure!

All the kids (young and old) played with the drums and other african musical instruments in the Zawadi Marketplace (that’s fancy talk for gift shop).

There were endless sights to be seen. Around every corner your eyes had a new wonder to behold.

Do animals come to your window at the Animal Kingdom Lodge?

Yes! My favorite was the animals outside our window. In the morning, the fog rolled in and I had my morning coffee on the balcony with these fellas.

There are many options for meals at the resort. We opted for a buffet breakfast, Mickey themed of course.

They also had a great game room by the pool. No one is bored at this resort, that’s for sure.

We nicknamed these guys Hans and Frans.


Can’t wait to make a return trip : )