Visiting Tellus Science Museum, GA

A trip to visit family over Thanksgiving brought us to north Georgia and a day at the Tellus Science Muesum.

As with most science museums, they had a nice balance of hands-on exhibits as well as  visually interesting but not fully interactive. Mining for gems was a hit as well as walking through the dinosaur exhibit.

Our little guys even sat through the planetarium show!

I have found that it works well to balance a trip by alternating the time the kids are able to play. After the planetarium show we went to the My Big Backyard exhibit so they could run and explore. Here kids can play with light, rainbows, mirrors and more in the greenhouse. The shed is filled with sound experiments, and the garage is a great place to discover the properties of magnets and work with electricity.

The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast

The Children’s Museum of the Treasure Coast is located in Indian Riverside Park. You can easily spend a day at the museum, then play on the beach and in the fountains.

The kids loved the pet vet exhibit.

The building room.

The body exhibit.

The giant play ship!

Publix shopping exhibit.

They played for hours and then some. Another day well spent.

Museum of Discovery and Science

Our 4 hour visit at MODS flew by! What an awesome place to play! It’s full of exhibits to climb through and fully explore.

There were even a few unexpectedly awesome rides – we ventured through the Everglades on an airboat simulator and launched into space on the Mars Rover and rocketed over to the planet Mars!

The kids also piloted some planes, rode bicycles with square wheels, put their hands on a Burmese python, climbed inside the mouth of a great white, and watched millions of monarch butterflies migrate south to Mexico in a 3D IMAX film on a screen 4 stories high.

DEFINITELY a day well spent.

Where should we go next? Suggestions welcome! Thanks for stopping by…