Raspberry Lunch Box Tart Returns to Hollywood Studios

Raspberry flavored ‘pop tart’ returns to Disney this week

Is this Lunch Box Tart the best snack in Hollywood Studios? It just might be! The Raspberry Lunch Box Tart is back!

It may not be as pretty as some other treats but TASTES SO GOOD.

Andy’s Raspberry ‘pop tart’ is coated in strawberry fondant with bits of dried raspberries and crispy pearls.

The tart is bigger than my hand, so my husband and I shared this one. When we go back, I want to tackle a whole one!

Rustic and buttery, flaky and fulfilling…sweet and a bit tart with a subtle crunch, this is bucket list Disney food.

🛸 🚩 🤠 🚩🦖

Where do they sell ‘pop tarts’ in Disney World?

Woody’s Lunch Box, Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios,
A bargain at $4.29 each
Currently available through Mobile Order only, Walk-up Some seating available
Other seasonal flavors: Chocolate-Hazelnut and Lemon-Blueberry

What do you think is the tastiest treat in Hollywood Studios?