Indian Riverside Park, Jensen Beach

Indian Riverside Park sits on the Indian River (Intracoastal) in Jensen Beach, Florida and is a favorite among area families. The river is brackish, meaning partially salt water, so we see some salt water creatures such as his horseshoe crab. 488352_10151015765669983_206289238_n It’s like a mini ocean with sand, seaweed and sea creatures but a much calmer shoreline. You can wade out in the water and it doesn’t get deep for a long way out, and this little fella just ran on out there as far as he could, as fast as he could. But, his caregiver couldn’t swim and there were no life guards, so Tara to the rescue!

He was waaaay out under the pier here.Tara went all the way out there, fully dressed, to rescue this little boy. His sister had come over to us in a panic. All’s well that ends well.Everyone ended up having a great in the south Florida sand.