Grab This Flamingo Cupcake at Animal Kingdom Before Its Gone

The limited-time Flamingo Cupcake found at Flame Tree Grill in Disney’s Animal Kingdom will not disappoint. It tastes exactly like what a cartoon flamingo swimming on a tropical lake would taste like when translated into a cupcake.

This treat has so many components we weren’t sure how to begin to eat it.

The pink chocolate wings:

Made from a thin swoosh of pink-tinted white chocolate, we picked the wings off first. They immediately started to melt in our hands. They had a light creamy strawberry flavor. One bite was enough for us. They melted too quickly and started to get our fingers gloopy. The good news is they do not dye your fingers pink and they cleaned up easily.

The sugared candy head and pink pearls:

Next we tasted the sugared flamingo head which was softer than expected but not a gummy candy. The candy head was simply granulated sugar molded into a flamingo head and neck. It was crisp but not rock solid. Easy to bite. Again, though, just one bite was enough.

I wondered how hard those candy pearls or beads on the frosting were so I asked my husband to test them out. Not hard at all – they are mini rice crispy balls! They added a nice crunchy texture to sink your teeth into.

The hot pink guava flavored frosting

That frosting though! Hot pink guava frosting – I thought it might be too artificial for me from the looks of the blazing pink color, but turns out it surprised with a fabulous subtle guava flavor that was not overly artificial at all. There was a lot of it, as is standard with many Disney cupcakes.

If you don’t find a cloud of hot pink frosting to your liking, you can simply grab as much or as little as you like with your fork as we did.

The pink cupcake!

To get to the cake, we took the paper wrapper off at the seam. It did not peel off the same way as a cupcake liner you might bake with at home but unwrapped more like an ice cream cone cover. I think it comes away easier than the standard liners, and the cupcake doesn’t stick.

Waiting beneath the wrapper is a cheerful strawberry pink cupcake! The cake was dense, fresh, and not dry at all. Strawberry flavored and filled with just a touch of strawberry compote. I enjoyed the flavor and would describe it as more artisanal than artificial. Yum!

We enjoyed this cupcake for both a festive and flavorful Disney moment. We found it very shareable with lots of elements to explore.

The flamingo connection

Why did Disney chose to feature a flamingo as one of their three signature cupcakes for Earth Day? To highlight their fabulous pink friends and perhaps raise awareness for environmental concerns related to their habitat. This sweet treat is even more enjoyable as Disney offers a real-world connection to this fabulously feathered bird.

The cost

The Flamingo Cupcake: a strawberry cake filled with strawberry compote, topped with guava frosting and strawberry crisp pearls, has a price of $5.99 and is available for a limited time at Flame Tree Grill as part of the Animal Kingdom Birthday and Earth Day Celebration. Grab it before its gone!