National Tooth Fairy Day


My 6-year-old-niece had recently lost a tooth. This milestone led to an interesting conversation about the Tooth Fairy between my nieces and I during our ride to the park the other day.

Here’s what I learned:

There is more than one Tooth Fairy. There are many in fact.

They do not talk “people talk” but they do, however, sing.

Tooth Fairies live way up in the clouds. They have nests. We cannot visit their nests, even with the help of giant ladders that reach up to the sky.

Power Rangers cannot visit or talk to Tooth Fairies.

Tooth Fairies each collect LOTS of teeth and they give them to new babies. That’s how babies get teeth.

That’s a fact jack! ; ) Important info to know for February 28, National Tooth Fairy Day!

Where I Ride

I am a Florida leisure cyclist. I love my blue Sun Beach Cruiser and long lazy rides through Tradition, Fl. When I reach this lake on my regular route, I can feel my soul settle down and unwind a bit.

Out here I ride with the cranes.

I ride with the cows.I ride with a helmet and a smile.

Where do you ride? 

Visit a Florida Citrus Grove

There are citrus groves scattered all throughout Florida. During orange season, the orange blossoms perfume the air with a scent similar to honey. Why not visit a Florida citrus grove and take home some fruit fresh off the vine? Click here for some great info on touring a Florida citrus grove: Visit a Florida Citrus Grove|