Letting Go

My tiny little seed that I had planted in a small jar on my windowsill was struggling to poke its way through the dirt. I could not see fully under the soil to know exactly what was going on, so I just let it be, let it take its course, watching and waiting each day for it to emerge.

This morning when I visited my windowsill it had finally poked through. I could see though that the roots had grown over the tips of the leaves on top of the plant holding it back. The roots were curled around the spot where the seed had once had been. The pull of the plant was now so strong that the seedling was pulling the base of the roots right out of the dirt.

I had no choice. I had to pull it free from the roots so it could grow. The roots were holding on strong in a tangled mess, it wasn’t easy letting go. Once free, the seedling popped right up, peering its head out over the edge of the jar. I bet tomorrow if not by the end of the day, it will be standing tall.

The roots didn’t mean it any harm. Hadn’t they just been cradling a tiny seed only days ago? Where did that tall stem and leaves shoot out from? All of a sudden, it’s racing off to find the sun…

Sugar Sand Science Park

Sugar Sand Science Park is the coolest public park I have ever been to. Where else can you climb a strand of DNA, excavate some dino bones, then go play in a splash area? Nevermind peering through the eyeballs of a giant wooden head or romping around a tri-level wooden fort…FUN STUFF!

But that’s not all. Adjacent to the park is The Children’s Science Explorium, a hands-on interactive science center for kids. Cost is $5 donation to enter.

Wait, it gets even better! The park also has a CAROUSEL! Each ride only $1.

We love this place…day well spent in Boca Raton!

Kayaking the Loxahatchee

Spend the day paddling the Loxhatchee at Jonathan Dickinson State Park

What a majestic day and only $15 per kayak rental and 2 hour self guided tour of the Loxahatchee, one of Florida’s most scenic rivers.

We chose our kayaks, strapped on our life jackets, studied the map and off we went! I highly suggest you bring a ziploc to put the map they give you in to keep dry.

There aren’t many turns to get lost on, but you can get turned around a bit, there are no street signs : ) You are on your own for this trip and that’s part of the excitement as are the gators snorting at you a few feet away from your boat and the Osprey diving for fish around you.

After our paddle we had a picnic lunch under the covered pavilion with picnic tables and a bathroom nearby. We then drove out to the entrance and parked the car and hiked up the Hobe Mountain Tower, the highest natural peak in south Florida (not that high, lol but still scenic.)

The park has a lot to offer with boat tours, bike paths, and full camping facilities, but paddling the Loxahatchee was what made it a day well spent.